The Complete 3-level Moisturizing System to Restore Perfect Skin Barrier Function

The protective role of skin barrier function

An important function of our skin is the barrier function. It controls the trans-epidermal evaporation of water, ions and amino acids and protect our body from a variety of allergens or external stress factors. Stratum corneum is the skin layer responsible of barrier function.

In it corneocytes are embedded in an intercellular matrix composed of lipids and natural moisturizing factor (NMF) fundamental to retain the optimal skin hydration.

Factors like UV rays, irritants and soaps are known to cause the wash out of the intercellular skin matrix components, in particular impairing the production of NMF.

The importance of good skin hydration

Moisturizing treatments are able to restore the skin integrity and lipid barrier’s function, retaining the epidermal water content.

Skin hydration is linked to the skin barrier function and is important for maintaining a healthy skin barrier. Suitable moisturizer or skin barrier-repairing ingredients can help protect our skin, and can help restore skin’s barrier.

The consequent reduction of the natural moisturizing factors provokes skin dryness weaken the integrity of the skin barrier.

NIO-NAG a rich complex to increase hydration and fortify your skin barrier

NIO-NAG is a mix of regenerating and moisturizing molecules which give shape to an active complex able to restore an optimal skin barrier integrity.

Its properties result from the content of phytoceramide and pyrrolidone carboxylic acid that regenerate the intercellular matrix, providing new components.

The presence of Yeast extract that is a natural nourishment for our skin and N-acetylglucosamine, a precursor of hyaluronic acid makes of NIO-NAG the perfect ingredient to restore the barrier function and hydration of epidermis.