About us


NATURALIS research and manufacture advanced active ingredients applying innovative biotechnological platforms and ensuring quality, reliability, safety and a 360 degree expert support to satisfy all needs. 

A balanced combination between nature, science and technology drives the research of Naturalis allowing to offer top-quality natural active ingredients with proven efficacy and compliant with current worldwide regulations.


Naturalis employs the most advanced analytical and R&D laboratories and invests in research & development more than 25% of its annual sales.

Our team of biologists and chemists with PhD degree are the basis of our ability to create natural products of great innovative value.

Our vocation is to study everything that nature offers, selecting natural sources coming from the plant world but also from the marine one (algae and microalgae) and up to the simplest, but no less rich in precious treasures for the skin such as microorganisms from all over the world.


Advanced processes of both dynamic and static extraction, purification and concentration allow the isolation of the most biologically active molecules in the purest possible form.

Our active ingredients are the results of modern methods and state-of-the-art biotechnologies.

To improve bio-availability and efficacy of bio-molecules, we encapsulated them inside a special delivery system named “NIOSOME".


Naturalis works in accordance with the ISO 9001:2015 standards in which each step of our production is rigorously monitored, from the raw material to the finished products.

All our production follow also a certified quality system that meets the requirements of the ECOCERT certification program and the ISO 22716 standard (cosmetic GMP – Good Manufacturing Practices). This European standard guarantees quality, traceability and testing in the cosmetic industry.


We select only pure natural molecules with a well-known biochemical mechanism of action in the target cells in the skin.

This is the starting point to create our active ingredients. Then we confirm the efficacy through both rigorous in vitro and in vivo tests on volunteers by clinical trials that allow us to substantiate the efficacy of our claims.


Naturalis, since ever, guarantees innovation, quality and safety to its customers, offering effective solutions that are also in harmony with the environment. Throughout the whole production chain, we adopt green procedures for safeguarding the environment.

A constantly updated environmental program defines actions aimed at: eliminate harmful chemicals, improve recycling, reduce waste, eliminate emissions, reduce consumption of water and applying "Zero Km" concept whenever possible.

Finally, we get inspired to the highest ethical principles turned towards the respect of nature and environment and sustain, whenever possible, those markets adherent to fair principles.