We always value Nature as the source of elements necessary for the life. It is the main source of precious molecules useful to maintain and restore the beauty of skin and hair.

Our active ingredients come from the research, selection and study of the most precious biological sources as Plants, Seaweeds and Microorganisms.

We extract phytochemicals and secondary metabolites using Ultrasound Assisted Extraction that allow reduction of consumption of solvents, maximize the efficiency of extraction and preserve the integrity of natural molecules.

Advanced processes of purification and concentration allow the isolation of biologically active molecules in purified form.


Unfortunately, the ability of many phytochemicals to cross the stratum corneum is often very limited. Due to their poor miscibility in lipids and their high molecular weight, most phytochemicals are only absorbed in the upper layers of stratum corneum without reaching deeper layers sites of living cutaneous cells.

In order to improve skin bio-availability and increase efficacy of phytochemicals, Naturalis has developed an innovative delivery system in which purified phytochemicals are encapsulated in small elastic vesicles able to deliver actives in the deeper layers of skin and express their full biological potential.

Active ingredients developed with this technology belong to the NIOSOME series.

The vectorization of the active ingredients inside niosomal vesicles improves the stability and penetration of active ingredients inside the skin.

The deformability of the vesicles guarantees an exceptional absorption inside the skin thanks to their ability to squeeze between the narrow gaps of the Stratum corneum in a level never seen before with other delivery systems.


Through special fermentation processes Naturalis create new active ingredients able to offer significant benefits to cosmetic treatments. In fact, fermentation can originate molecules better absorbed by skin.

Many phytochemicals have large molecular size and because of that they are not well absorbed by the skin. Through fermentation, microorganisms break down the molecules into smaller sizes better absorbed by the skin and that can fulfil their efficacy.


Naturalis draws inspiration from the vegetal kingdom and ancient herbal remedies: in our laboratories we study and research precious and effective plants that deliver optimal improvements for health and beauty of the hair and the skin.

Plant cells contain and produce in large quantities secondary metabolites and essential substances that synergically improve metabolic pathways involved in the health of the skin.

A unique selection of plant is also our source of pure standardized molecules that have been studied for their beneficial and effective properties for skin beauty.


Seaweed extracts are the most precious and richest source of bioactive molecules, coming from the purest and pristine oceanic water on Earth.

The joint venture project with companies located in the Azores Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, allow the supply of uncontaminated and unique seaweed selection with the highest biological potential, certified by the badge of the Azores Islands Government.

The harvest is performed by scuba diving only in specific seasons according to the natural bioavailability in the respect of Nagoya Protocol guidelines for biodiversity preservation and the Quality Coast Programme for the safeguard of coastal communities.


Microorganisms offer a great potential resulting from their diversity and metabolism. They can offer access to the creation of unique molecules of cosmetic interest.

Bacteria, yeasts or microalgae release enzymes that break down molecules, used as growth substrates, in the raw material, which then leads to the creation of new active ingredients with great benefits for the skin.

Special bacteria strains, through fermentation process can give rise to precious blend of amino acids, organic acids and antioxidants that help hydration and nourishment of the skin.