Effective Protection of Skin from Pollution Particulate Attacks



The Anti-Pollution Defense System to Restore a Healthy Youthful Look

Pollution: a dangerous enemy of skin and hair

As an organ in a constant contact with the environment, skin is the most subjected to the toxic aggression of pollution, both in the gaseous state and in the form of micro-particles (PM).

Not only the skin is damaged by pollution but also the integrity of the cortex and of the external cuticle of the hairs is impaired, leading to a dirty and dull appearance.

The effects of pollution on skin

Under the effect of daily UV, the pollutants generate toxin and free radicals that penetrate in the epidermis saturating the skin’s natural defences. To aggravate this situation even more, ozone depletes cutaneous vitamin E generating an oxidative stress by production of free radicals.

Living in a polluted environment may also reduce skin moisture increasing the production and excretion of sebum.

URBAN STOP: a natural shield against pollution

A physical defence against pollution is represented by URBAN STOP, an active ingredient that through pullulan bio-polymer forms a natural film on the skin surface preventing the adhesion of micro-particles.

Thanks to the anti-oxidant properties of Camu Camu pulp extract, rich in vitamin C, ellagic acid and riboflavin, Urban stop represents an extraordinary defense against atmospheric pollutants.


GSH: the first line of defense of the skin against pollution

Pollution is implicated in the skin’s ageing process. Under UV, pollutants generate toxin and free radicals that penetrate and accumulate in the epidermis saturating the skin’s defenses system.

Glutathione is a thiol-tripeptide that plays a prominent role in maintaining intracellular redox balance. The decrease glutathione upon exposure to pollutants and UV light is the first step of chronic photo-oxidative stress.

NIO-GSH: an effective strategy to improve skin bioavailability of Glutathione

Skin supplementation of glutathione is an effective means for prevention premature cutaneous aging but unfortunately is poorly absorbed from skin.

For that Naturalis developed NIO-GSH is an anti-pollution active ingredient based on the encapsulation of high level of reduced GSH into elastic vesicles in order to increase its skin bioavailability.