Structural reconstruction of cuticle for ultimate shine and hair protection

The role of cuticles in the hair appearance and protection

The cuticle, the outer layer of hair, is responsible of the texture of our hairs. It is made up of layers of keratin with a structure of overlapping scales in a vertical alignment. 

Healthy hair has closed hair cuticles.

Damaged hair cuticles can cause split ends and give your hair a rough look. Hair cuticle can be damaged for many reasons, both from internal and external factors. 

The main hair damaging factors

External factors can include:

1) aggressive shampoos that strip the hair of its natural oils and injure the cuticle by tearing up the overlapping scales

2) hair treatments such as hair colouring and bleaching

3) environmental aggressions such as solar radiation, atmospheric pollution, chlorine of  swimming pools and the salt of the sea, can damage hair cuticles as well.

To prevent damages and split ends is essential the optimal scalp moisturization and the protection from aggressive factors.

A natural hair restructuring biopolymer

CUTICLEX is a biopolymer consisting in a partial branched ester of polyglycerin with C8 and ricinoleic acid chains.

Thanks to its exclusive structure Cuticlex adheres closely to the hair surface giving an excellent water-holding capability and a gloss, shining appearance.

This biopolymer improves hair strenght and resistance, guaranteeing protection against stress.

Cuticlex is the perfect shield for the protection of your hair from aggressive shampoos, hair colouring and environmental factors.