The Synergic Complex to Reduce Cellulite and Bring Back a Smooth and Sleek Look

Cellulite: an inhestetism related to lifestyle

Cellulite is an aesthetically unacceptable cosmetic problem that affects tights, buttocks and hips of many post-adolescent women.

Many factors seem to influence cellulite onset, including gender, body weight and age but, most of all, the lifestyle: an excessive intake of fat foods, a sedentary lifestyle, alcohol and smoking are associated with these blemishes.

Cellulite: a deep multifactorial alteration

Cellulite is a complex issue involving different skin districts: 

  • the microcirculatory and lymphatic systems
  • the extracellular matrix
  • the adipocytes location

The difficulty in the exchange of substances between the microcirculatory and lymphatics system provoke the accumulation of fluids (oedema) in subcutaneous tissue and consequently swelling, local inflammation and finally alterations in the adipose tissue with increase of number and cell size due to an increase of triglycerides synthesis.

For that, approaches to improve cellulite involve stimulation of lipolysis and the reduction of water retention.

NIO-LIPACTIVE triggers lipolysis

NIO-LIPACTIVE is an anti-cellulite complex that combine both these approaches. Its composition is based on Caffeine and Forskolin that are two strong lipolytic ingredients used to prevent an excessive deposition of triglycerides.

NIO-LIPACTIVE for an anti-edematous action

Thanks to the presence of β-escin, NIO-LIPACTIVE reduces capillary fragility and helps to prevent leakage of fluids into surrounding tissues with a final positive effect on oedema.