A new anti-wrinkles complex with double effect



Three Dimensional Niosome System for a differential skin penetration of HA

The role of HA in the skin

 Skin is the organ with the highest hyaluronic acid (HA) content (50%). In the skin HA is found in the intercellular spaces of epidermis, except in the stratum corneum, and in the dermis,  with a higher concentration below of the basement membrane.

HA is involved in many important skin functions as: tissue repair, cell proliferation, differentiation, inflammation etc . One of most important of them is to work  as a water reservoir that contribute to regulate dermal volume, compressibility and skin  elasticity .

Skin ageing and Hyaluronic Acid

With increasing age, a reduction of HA content and a progressive reduction of its degree of polymerization occur in the skin by activation of hydrolytic enzymes known as hyaluronidases. In the elderly, HA is only present in the upper dermis and this explains the dryness, the loss of elasticity and appearance of  wrinkles.

A treatment that can rejuvenate the skin by significantly reducing wrinkles must necessarily increases HA in the epidermis and/or inhibits the activity of hyaluronidases.

A double action for skin firmness and elasticity

NIO-OLIGO HA is the association of short hydrolyzed HA molecules and Kaempferol, a strong anti-hyaluronidase inhibitor, encapsulated into elastic vesicles able to enhance the penetration in the deeper layers of epidermis.

It represents an exciting way, to treat wrinkles restoring the natural content of hyaluronic acid in the skin. The skin will return firm, hydrated and elastic in a very short time.


NIO-OLIGO 3D for a Botox-like effect

For an intense anti-wrinkles action Naturalis suggests NIO-OLIGO 3D. It is based on three-dimensions elastic vesicles with different particle sizes (3-Dimensional Niosome), in which each one encapsulate a distinct molecular weight of short Hyaluronic Acid (HA) oligomers.

NIO-OLIGO 3D modulates an optimal differential penetration of Hyaluronic acid molecules at all skin levels by 3 vesicles of different size.

This new approach guarantees an optimal anti-wrinkle effect creating a Botox-Like result.