A new concept of cosmetic ingredient developed by Naturalis to formulate in complete harmony with the nature.

PHYTOCARE-PG is an O/W emulsified completely of vegetal origin that can act also as an active ingredient with moisturizing and soothing properties at the same time.

PHYTOCARE-PG is free of ethylene oxide or any other chemical solvent offering excellent dermo-compatibility and total biodegradability.

PHYTOCARE-PG combines the exceptional properties of almond oil with pomenagrate oil, offering protective and moisturizing effects on skin.

PHYTOCARE-PG forms “gel network structures” (α-gel phase) able to mimic the multi-lamellar hydro-lipid structure of the stratum corneum, strengthening the barrier function of the skin and protecting from excessive transepidermal water loss.

 Properties of Phytocare-PG:

  • Forms emulsions with high stability for long period of storage in a wide range of temperature
  • Improve moisturizing effect on skin
  • Reduce preservatives in formula
  • Enhances the absorption of active ingredients through the skin
  • Improves protection from UV rays thanks to a better dispersion of the physical and chemical sunscreens
  • Excellent compatibility with any oil phase, physical sunscreens, pigments and any kind of active ingredients

 Phytocare-PG is suitable for:

  • All cosmetic classes: skin care, sun care, make-up and hair care
  • All skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, baby, young and mature skin
  • Complete range of viscosity: sprays, lotions, milks, fluid emulsions, creams
  • Full range of texture: light, soft, smooth, rich and very rich


 Polyglyceryl-10 Almond Oil Ester (and) Polyglyceryl-4 Punicic Acid Ester

 Formulating with PHYTOCARE-PG

 Use level 3-5% (15% of the total lipid phase)