From the precious olive oil a unique "green" emulsifier for your natural cosmetics.


PHYTOCARE-OL is a new vegetable derived O/W emulsifier combining the unique beneficial properties of olive oil with the moisturizing and protective effects of Polyglycerin.

PHYTOCARE-OL is free of ethylene oxide or any other chemical solvent offering excellent dermo-compatibility and total biodegradability.

Thanks to the precious components contained in the olive oil, exhibit excellent protective and moisturizing effects on the skin.

The exceptional toxicological profile (do not cause any denaturing of the skin's proteins) and biodegradability, allows to get emulsions with the maximum safety for the skin and for the environment.

PHYTOCARE-OL can be also used to formulate cold process emulsion.

 Properties of Phytocare-OL:

  • Forms emulsions with high stability for long period of storage in a wide range of temperatures
  • Enhances the absorption of active ingredients through the skin
  • Reduce preservatives in formula
  • Improves protection from UV rays thanks to a better dispersion of the physical and chemical sunscreens

 Phytocare-OL is suitable for:

  • All cosmetic classes: skin care, sun care, make-up and hair care
  • All skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, baby, young and mature skin
  • Complete range of viscosity: sprays, lotions, milks, fluid emulsions, creams
  • Full range of texture: light, soft, smooth, rich and very rich


 Olive oil polyglyceryl-6 ester

 Formulating with PHYTOCARE-OL

 Use level 3-5% (15% of the total lipid phase)