The Optimal Defence System to Maintain a Youthful Look



A Natural Synergic Complex High in Phloretin from Apple Peel to Fight Free Radicals

Young skin an indicator of good health

Young skin has unique characteristics and everyone would like to keep them as long as possible. Youth appearance is more than only an aesthetic concern: it is an indicator of good health.

Youthful skin is firm, plump, wrinkle free and the epidermal cells have the optimal capacity to hold onto water leading to a skin not dry or flaky.

The role of free radicals in the skin ageing

Is important to know that right from the youth age, skin is daily exposed to different agents like smoke, pollutants and UV radiations, responsible for an increase of free radicals. Due to their actions skin becomes slowly thinner with the possible appearance of the first signs of aging in the form of fine lines.

Is essential to protect skin from UV and free radicals in order to prevent premature signs and to keep all its functionality as longer as possible. Thus it is  advisable to protect the skin from a young age and for this Naturalis has developed specific active ingredients.

NIO AGE: a natural complex to fight free radicals

NIO-AGE combines polyphenols extracted from the Italian Apple peel with Pomegranate seed oil, Magnolol and Honokiol.

Apple extract is rich in particular of Phloretin: a powerful anti-oxidant with strong elastase and collagenase inhibitory activity. The lipids and essential nutrients contained in Pomegranate are responsible to make skin soft, elastic and hydrated.


NIO-GSH: the best free radical defence

Particularly helpful to protect skin from pollutants, NIO-GSH helps to conserve all the good qualities of a young skin. It contains glutathione: a powerful antioxidant and detoxifying molecule widely used in cosmetics but poorly absorbed.

Naturalis enhances the skin penetration of Glutathione encapsulating NIO-GSH in special delivery system called Niosome.