The multifunctional active essential to rejuvenate your skin

The benefits and limits of Vitamin C

Due to its properties as antioxidant, skin whitening and inducing collagen synthesis, Vit C is widely used in cosmetics to protect skin and to reduce the signs of ageing.

However two problems limit its use and effectiveness. First, vitamin C is easily oxidized and inactivated when added into cosmetics. Second, vit.C is often cause of colour changes into formulation. 

Ethyl Ascorbic Acid: a stable derivate of Vitamin C

Ethyl Vitamin C (VCS) is one of the most stable derivatives of Vitamin C known.

It shows a very good stability in all kinds of cosmetic formulations and It is metabolized to ascorbic acid in the tissue.

Unfortunately although this molecule is very effective in vitro, in vivo it appears less effective because poorly absorbed.

NIO-VCS for optimized Vitamin C bioavailability

NIO-VCS is an effective anti-aging and anti-dark spot active ingredient based on the encapsulation of high level of stable Ethyl Ascorbic Acid into the niosomal ultra-deformable vesicle in order to to increase the skin bioavailability: ascorbic acid is transported through the skin and is timed released retaining all its positive benefits. Your skin appearance in time will be very improved.

Benefits for the skin

NIO-VCS is designed to:

  • provide whitening and anti-spot effect
  • minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • promote collagen synthesis and moisture
  • antioxidant activities protecting the skin from environmental insults